A View from the Hover: My Life in Aviation by 

John Farley

Nov 2008

Abc Air Band Radio Guide 7th edition

Graham Duke

1 Oct 2009

Aerofax: Handley-Page Victor

Phil Butler and Tony Buttler

2 Apr 2009

American Secret Projects: Bombers

American Secret Projects: Fighters and Interceptors 1945-1978 (Secret Projects)

Tony Buttler

15 Nov 2007

Attack and Anti-Submarine Aircraft 1945-1974

Tony Buttler

21 Nov 2010

Avro Lancaster: Britain's Greatest Wartime Bomber

Peter C. Smith

3 Jul 2008

Avro Vulcan: Britain's Famous Delta Wing V-Bomber (Aerofax

Phil Butler and Tony Buttler

28 Jun 2007

Balloons & Dirigibles Built at the Balloon Factory Farnborough


Battle of Britain Airfields

Philip Birtles

23 Sep 2010

Battle of Britain: Britain's Finest Hour

Alfred Price

1 Jul 2010

Britain's First Air Show - Doncaster Racecourse 1909-2009 100th Anniversary Edition

Ian Reed


Clear Air Turbulence: A Life of Anne Burns

Matthew Freudenberg

1 Aug 2009


Stephen Skinner

2 Jul 2009

English Electric Lightning

Tim McLelland

2 Jul 2009

Falklands Air War (U.K.)

Chris Hobson & Andrew Noble

13 Jul 2002

Farnborough Through Time

Jo Gosney

2 Nov 2009

Farnborough: 100 Years of British Aviation

P.J. Cooper

28 Jul 2006

Farnborough's Caterpillars: Account of Research Flying and Parachute Escapes at the Royal Aircraft Establishment

Richard Dennis

Jul 1996

Flying Saucer Technology

Bill Rose

21 Jun 2011

Free Flight: Inventing the Future of Travel

James Fallows

15 Aug 2002

General Aviation Handbook

R.W. Simpson

17 Nov 2005


Tim McLelland

21 Apr 2011

Imperial Airways: The Birth of the British Airline Industry 1914-1940

Robert Bluffield

1 Oct 2009

Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird Family: A-12

Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird Family: D-21

Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird Family: F-12

Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird Family: M-21

Lockheed's SR-71 Blackbird Family: SR-71 (Aerofax)

James Goodall and Jay Miller

4 Dec 2002

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II: Production and Operational Data

William R. Peake

2 Dec 2004

Negative Gravity: A Life of Beatrice Shilling

Mathew Freudenberg

6 Oct 2003

Pictorial Archive of Farnborough and Cove

Barry A. James

Dec 1984

Pyestock from RAE to QinetiQ

Ian Mckenzie

Secret Projects: Flying Wings and Tailless Aircraft

Bill Rose

18 Feb 2010

Soviet X-planes

Yefim Gordon and Bill Gunston

Supermarine Spitfire

Dr. Alfred Price

1 Jul 2010

The Flying Cowboy: The Story of Samuel Cody Britain's First Airman

Peter Reese

They Flew Through Sand: The Notes and Sketches of a Royal Air Force Officer in the Western Desert

G.W. Houghton

Tornado: Multi-role Combat Aircraft

Jon Lake

TSR.2: Britain's Lost Cold War Strike Aircraft

Tim McLelland

23 Sep 2010

Vickers Valiant: The First V-bomber (Aerofax)

Eric B. Morgan

13 Dec 2002

Wings of the Luftwaffe: Flying German Aircraft of World War II (Consign)

Captain Eric Brown

1 Jul 2010

Wings on My Sleeve

Eric Brown

1 Jun 2007

Wings Over Thurleigh: An Aeronautical Research Heritage 1954-1994



Creating Concorde (The F.A.S.T. Collection)

Farnborough in a Nutshell (The F.A.S.T. Collection)

RAE Railway: The Last Train to Farnborough (The F.A.S.T. Collection)

The Stories of 3(F) Squadron

The A To Z Of British Military Aviation - Vol. 1

The A To Z Of Flight - Vol. 2 - The Human Factor

Air Crash Investigation and Escape

British Airshows - A Film History - Farnborough 1990-2008

Farnborough Air Show - The Film History 1964-1988

Farnborough Air Show - The Film History 1948-1962

Farnborough Above And Beyond

Frontiers of Flight

The Giant Of The Skies - The Making Of The Airbus A380

Strike Force: Harrier - The Vertical Reality

In-Cockpit Ken Wallace

Items of Memorabilia for Sale

The association has a number of items of memorabilia available for sale and in addition there are also a number of excellent videos and books chronicling the history and events surrounding the RAE available from the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Association (FASTA).

below is a listing from the Fast Library of books for sale.

FASTA - book shop - please order via the FAST web site

RAE Ex-apprenticeship Association Ties and Pins are available from the Honoury Secretary