Memories and Nostagia

Page updated 11th September 2011

This section of the WEB-Site allows ex-apprentices to recall memorable incidents or events and share them with others. It is anticipated that enthusiastic participation will stimulate others to do so and therefore the activity may snowball as more ex-apprentices enter into the spirit.

So please let us have your input for publication and let others enjoy your memoirs. Include names, dates, places and photographs if possible.

Please send your stories to the Hon Sec or e-mail.

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Ken Carter


We're digging for old ........

Dick Delaney


Concorde, memorable pictures

FASTA Archives


Home to many apprentices

Dick Delaney/Ken Carter

1958 on

SE5 rebuilt by apprentices

Phil Folwell

1948 on

Memories of the RAE

Bruce Legg


Brain Teaser #1

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