Where are they now?

From the Oldest to the youngest - This page is a simple reminder - that you haven't been forgotten. People do remember you even if they haven't kept in touch below is a list of names which have been asked about by your fellow apprentices. Simply send an Email: to me Jim Allen and I will let you know who remembers you and has asked us to find you. Perhaps arranging a meet up or telephone call...

Lost Spanner's

Intake Year

Some notes

John Peck and Roger Edwards      


Both appear in a clip of film, taken in 1963, which has recently been unearthed. The Association would value their help in identifying the event in which they took part.

Friends of John Grove '79 intake


John is working on the "railroad" and would like to hear from his '79 colleagues for a slightly  more accurate description of what he's up to..... contact Jim and he will pass on your details

Baxter N J Craft NGTE clock no 187

Edgar P A Craft NGTE clock no 209


School Friend Dave Aldworth says in his email:   In 1953, I was 15 years old, living in Tadley, and a pupil at Queen Mary's School, Basingstoke. As part of the tripartite system I had been in a group that had been selected to attend Basingstoke Technical College two to three days each week, taking City and Guilds mechanical engineering courses.  As we approached school leaving age, we started seeking apprenticeships at local engineering firms. I was one of a number of students who were offered craft apprentice positions at AWRE Aldermaston, while two classmates (and very good friends), Tony Edgar of Farnborough and Norman Baxter of Hartley Whitney, were offered position at RAE Farnborough. 

Laurence Peake


Query From Middle East:  Found in Cove! Now a member of the association!

Dave Markham,

John Nichols,

Arthur Dearden,

Jeff Absolem,

Derick Cutting,

Pete Routledge


I’d be interested in closing the loop with any one of these lads from the 1947 - Dennis Fielder

Alan Evans


Partner in crime

Graham (Spud) Edwards

Class of   '63

G.W. Chaplin.


of Fife , Scotland. moved?

R.G. Johns


Horsell, Woking, moved?

R.M. Mahon.


The Sands, Farnham. moved?

Norman .T. Patient.



J D French


Last known address Grosvenor Place, Woking.

C Sirman


Last known address Vale Farm Road, Woking. Found still in Woking and Now a member of the Association!

B A Matthews


Last known address Ellen Drive, Fleet