Ex-Apprentices Association Events

Major Events     110th Year Dinner  invite 2020

The Ex-Apprentices Association was reformed in 1997 after a gap of many years, so it could maintain an informal contact with all ex-apprentices interested in any social/ reunion functions. It also provides an annual news magazine 'The Chronic' to keep members informed of current news, articles from members and other interesting snippets of information. Many Reunion Dinners have been held over the past years. One of the earliest recorded was held in 1955 on the retirement of J.F.'Ben' Gunn, Head of the R.A.E. Technical College since 1921. The biggest Reunion to date was held in September 2000 with some 750 ex-apprentices and guests attending.Our Reunion Dinners were planned for the year 2005 to commemorate the 95th Anniversary and the ultimate 'big one' that of our 100th Centenary Celebration in the year 2010, the start of the Apprentice scheme in 1910. both went off well and details and pictures of who attended can be found in the Chronic and on the web site

Local Events

While this page covers major planned events ex-apprentices are encouraged to also plan and schedule more local events and activities.

The very success of the apprenticeship scheme and the achievements of ex-apprentices has resulted in their being literally scattered throughout the world. Hence more frequent local meetings and gatherings would be appropriate. We hope that the WEB-Site will serve as a medium to enable more 'local' groups to meet more often.

Informal Gatherings in the Farnborough area once or twice a year will be organised by Chairman Geoff most likely in May and October. Please revisit the web site or contact Geoff. 

FAST Opening times can be found on the FAST website http://www.airsciences.org.uk/ The Museum is filled with Artefacts related to the Establishment and most times Ex- Apprentices can be found among the volunteers.

Where can you find Ex-apprentices around Farnborough in 2011? - the Farnham Maltings 1st Wednesday in the Month, call Geoff to book a seat. Its not an official gathering, but upwards of 10 can be found  here (along with members of FAST) on a regular basis listening to Otis B Driftwood, a group of pensioner musicians  who sometimes get to finish a tune together!

If you want to organise events in your Local UK area or National events in your own location or country, The committee will assist you in contacting all known Ex-Apprentices who may be interested.